Old Home Movies Resurrected

Bring your old movie film memories back to life with our state-of-the-art
frame-by-frame high definition transfer technology

100% Safe, Full High Def (1080p), 2K & 4K Film Transfers to USB

Remember “Film Nights”? Gathered in front of an old movie projector, laughing out loud at your home movies?

Those days may be gone, but somewhere there’s a box full of memories just waiting for another chance to tickle your funny bone.

Let RetroMedia transform your dusty old reels into vibrant easy-to-play digital files on USB that you and your family will enjoy over and over again for years to come.

Our system for digitising 9.5mm pathe film is 100% safe, with no risk of sprocket-hole tearing.

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As you can see, the sprocket perforations are located between the individual image frames. If sprocket-hole tearing occurs (a very real risk with projector-based, sprocket-driven transfer systems), the damaged section of film will be ruined beyond repair.

Because our system is not projector-based, there is no claw or sprockets in our system that can possibly tear your film.

We Accept All Home Movie Film Formats

Unsure exactly what movie film formats you have there? No problem! RetroMedia can digitise all home movie film formats from the early 1900's onwards, including 8mm, Super8 (sound or silent), our super-safe 9.5mm conversion service, as well as 16mm (silent, optical sound & magnetic sound).

If you're unsure about what you have, or have many different types of media, enquire about booking an in-home assessment or organising session with a RetroMedia Memory Expert. Available within the greater Brisbane/SEQ region.

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Ten Reasons To Only Trust RetroMedia With Your Films


1. Films are fragile

Even just playing them can cause damage. A projector can easily tear, chew, or burn your film. Our frame-by-frame scanning does not use projectors

Your film can easily be damaged by old projectors of unknown condition.

Careless operation of projector-based transfer systems can also spell disaster.

Because we use the state-of-the-art RetroScan Universal Mk ii claw-less film scanner, it is simply not possible for us to damage your films.


2. Made in Brisbane!

All work is done right here in Brisbane. You're welcome to ask to see our film setup because we don't hide behind so-called "trade secrets".

Our Brisbane lab is located at

249 Lutwyche Rd, Windsor. Qld. 4030

We're on the corner of Bowen St, with parking in Bowen St.

Our business hours are:
Weekdays 9am - 5pm
Late night Thursdays by appointment only
Saturdays 9-12 (AEST).

No appointments necessary (except for Thursday evenings), just pop in!

Ph: (07) 3357 4807

SMS: 0448 855 056

If a service is not open and honest about their film transfer methods, it really isn't because they have any special "secret process" to protect.

Services hide behind this argument simply because they don't want the curtain pulled back to reveal their dodgy methods.

With our high-tech film conversion setup we have nothing to hide. You can ask to take a look at our setup anytime.

If a company will not show you their system, we suggest you look elsewhere.

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3. Prepared by hand

Your film is hand inspected, carefully hand cleaned, and if any damage or bad slices are detected we repair these before transfer.

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4. Clawless film path

We are proud to offer the RetroScan Universal Mk II 4K multi-format transfer system fresh from the US (as used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives, in Hollywood). The gentle clawless film feed system cannot damage film perforations.

In film projectors, toothed sprockets and a small lever called an advance claw drag the film through the projector. But the claw &/or sprockets can easily damage the sprocket holes on your film. This is always a risk with projector-based systems, as shown in this photo of torn perforations in a piece of 9.5mm film.

My Image

Our system is claw-less & sprocket-less, and gently tensions and guides the film without touching the perforations at all, ensuring we cannot tear them. So your film is safe!


5. Cold lamp technology

RetroScan's cold-to-the-touch LED lamp technology safeguards your film from any chance of being burnt.

Hot lamps in projector-based systems can easily burn your film, causing irreparable damage.

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They also tend to produce overly-bright "hot spots" in your picture, as seen below.

My Image

With it's cool white LED light source, our system can never burn your film & introduces no colour cast. Illumination is evenly disbursed so there's no washed out "hot spot" in the middle of your picture.


6. Frame by frame scans

RetroScan individually scans frame-by-frame each and every image on your film. You get a sharper picture with no blurred, doubled or interlaced images.

Frame-by-frame, or FxF scanning is a system that digitises each individual frame of film as a separate snapshot. These are then played back at the correct frame rate to give you a movie.

Other systems do not give you a discreet snapshot for each frame, but instead a video approximation of your film's content. Blurry double frames & interlacing give lower quality results.


7. 100% Flicker-free

Because RetroScan photographs each frame individually, the resulting transfer is guaranteed to have ZERO flicker.

There is a mild type of flicker caused by a projector's shutter blades. This is apparent even when watching film projected on a screen.

But there is also a much more annoying pulsing effect, caused by differences in frame rate between projector and camcorder in projector-based systems when not operated carefully.

With us you get neither.

Because our system is a true frame-by-frame system (not projector-based), we can virtually guarantee zero flicker in our digital transfers.

The one exception to this is flicker caused by a faulty original recording, due to a fault in the original camera. This is very rare - we've seen this only once or twice in many thousands of reels of film converted.


8. Minimal cropping

Adjustable film framing means we can capture up to 20% more of your film around the edges of the frame in areas cropped off by lesser systems.

Projector-based transfer systems are limited in how much of the film frame they can actually capture, by the size of the film gate opening.

Our system has no such gate, so no such limitation. We can position our camera to capture more picture around the edges of the film frame that lesser systems will crop off.

It could mean the difference between cutting off Aunt Mildred's head, or keeping her in one piece!

Just how much picture could you lose with lesser home movie (film) conversion methods?

Here we have actual screenshots of firstly a local competitor's projector/camcorder-based Standard Definition conversion.

Below it, downsized to around 1/5th so that the frame sizes match for our comparison here, is RetroMedia's gate-less, true Frame-by-Frame Full High Def 1080p capture, demonstrating the difference in picture quality, as well as just how much of your film image a competitors system can crop off.

My Image

Here's a second example. Competitor's on the top & ours below.

My Image

Plus, just to reiterate, in real life our frame size would be a minimum of around 500% larger, which means that your High Def TV does not have to upscale a Standard Def picture, with the attendant risk of picture softening &/or pixellation.

Plus we also scan at even higher resolutions of 2K & 4K as options.


9. Full High Def 1080p, 2K & 4K scanning!

Our Full High Def (1080p) digitising process means vivid, crystal clear picture quality for your enjoyment. We also offer even higher resolution with 2K & 4K scanning!

Because there are no Standard Def TVs anymore, it doesn't make sense to choose a service that cannot digitise your film in at least Full High Def (1080p). This will mean that your movie will not need to be "upscaled" as much by your TV in order to fill the screen.

My Image

As the image shows, Full High Def 1080p frame size is almost 4 times larger than Standard Def. Plus we now offer both 2K & 4K scanning as well.

So instead of your TV having to enlarge a Standard Def film transfer by almost 400% to fill your TV (with the accompanying softening of picture & possible pixellation), your RetroMedia Full High Def film transfer naturally fills* your TV screen without any upscaling.

*NB: Because the film formats we transfer are almost all 4x3 aspect ratio, and today's TVs are widescreen 16x9, we'll insert vertical black bars (a.k.a "pillar-boxing") to fill the sides of the screen, as shown below.

My Image
Digital Archival backup

10. FREE backup included!

Exclusive 3VAULT triple redundancy archiving - 3 backups of your files stored in 3 secure, offline locations - included FREE for 6 months with all our digitising services!

And of course all of your original media will be returned to you with your digital versions at the end of the project.

And Now A Word From Our Happy Clients…

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Our Process & Pricing


All film is carefully inspected, hand-cleaned & lubricated before conversion. Any broken or breaking splices are repaired. This preparation is included in our service at no extra charge.

Digitising Process:

Our standard offering is true frame-by-frame scanning using our RetroScan Universal MkII 4K film scanners (as used by the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives, in Hollywood), of Regular 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm & 16mm silent film.

We can also process the sound from Super 8 magnetic sound film & both 16mm optical sound & magnetic sound film where film is in projectable condition, syncing it up perfectly with the scanned picture.

Digitised material is delivered on USB3 as archive quality AVI files in Full High Definition 1080p resolution (minimum), or optionally at 2K or 4K resolutions.

We also further convert these files to mp4 format at no extra charge, as an easy-to-share option, viewable on the widest range of devices, including most TVs.

Please note that we don't ever scan any film at Standard Definition, because technology has moved well past that point, with all TVs being at least High Definition. Please bear this in mind when comparing our services with others who only offer Standard Def, and usually only camcorder-shot projected images of a wall. The minimum resolution we offer - Full High Def 1080p - is around 5 times the resolution of Standard Def, so with our conversions your TV will not have to enlarge a low res picture in order to fill the screen of a High Definition TV.

With our basic service your film is actually scanned at 2K 16x9 (aka QWXGA) so we can take full advantage of our superior camera on our new 4K RetroScan MkII scanners, and we output the vision as Full High Definition 1080p resolution.

We can optionally supply as QWXGA 2K 16x9 if preferred. We can also perform 2K 4x3 scans (aka QXGA), and 4K 4x3 scans (aka UHD-1), both delivered at 16x9 aspect ratio (pillar-boxed).

Resulting Files:

AVI Files: These archive-quality AVI files are the highest quality the scanner will deliver - an editable file perfect for future-proofing. It will play back on any Apple Mac or Windows PC, and through them (via HDMI) on your TV. (NB: You may need to download the free VLC player)

MOV Files: If we're also editing, correcting &/or enhancing your films, we would instead supply MOV files produced by our editing suites, of the same archive-quality.

Mp4 Files: Our transfer rates also include, at no extra cost, a further conversion to popular, shareable mp4 h264 files, which will be easy to watch on your TV & to share with family & friends.

The quality of the mp4 files will be very close to that of your archive-quality AVI for well lit, properly exposed film, but can suffer from some pixelation if you have dark, grainy, underexposed film. Unfortunately this is a limit of the mp4 technology at this point in time, but if you choose our optional picture-noise/grain reduction as part of your transfer package, this will also greatly improve the quality of any subsequent mp4 conversions, as you can see in our sample mp4 clip below.

Please enjoy our sample clip of an mp4 h264 conversion, of a Super 8 film from the 70's that we have scanned at our basic 1080p resolution with optional Noise Reduction applied to reduce the film grain.

Pricing - Silent Film:

For Regular 8mm & Super 8mm silent film, for Full High Def 1080p conversions, prices range from as low as .50c per metered foot of film, or even less if on you have very large reels.

As an example of what we mean by "metered" footage, if your 400ft reel has, let's say, 137 feet of film actually on the reel, that’s the footage you’ll pay for.

For 16mm silent film, for Full High Def 1080p conversions prices range from as low as .60c per metered foot of film, or even less if on you have very large reels.

For 9.5mm silent film, for Full High Def 1080p conversions prices range from as low as $1.00 per metered foot of film, for the very safest (non-tearing, non-burning) film transfer possible.

• A setup fee is applied for jobs of less than 1000ft. From $40 per project depending on format, waived at 1000ft.

• Small reels (3 inch) are charged by the reel, rather than by metered footage. This per-reel rate also applies a minimum charge for larger reels containing small amounts of film. Depending on formats & quantities, priced from as low as $33.30 per reel.

• We also offer discounted footage rates for any very large reels (containing 600ft of film or more).

• Because of the potential for some very large files from film, we supply a high speed USB3 device. We charge $40 for a Sandisk USB3 of up to 64Gb capacity. We recommend getting 3 USBs (two as backup copies, one of which you can share). We offer a discount rate of $100 for a set of 3 loaded USB flash-drives. If you need more space, we supply either a 1Tb pocket USB hard-drive ($80), or we can supply an SSD if preferred (1Tb Sandisk @ $149)

• Some extra prep charges may also apply to some film depending on condition & rarity of format. All film needs to be on reels in order to be converted on our system. In cases where film is supplied without reels (coiled, loose pieces, or on cores) there will be some extra costs in labour & for us to supply reels. And occasionally we may encounter film that requires extra preparation, such as mouldy film, or film with vinegar syndrome. These are not covered within our regular service. Click here to learn more.

• For a custom quote considering your quantities, urgency, your film format and the physical condition of the media, please enquire here.

Add-on Pricing for Sound Film:

Our frame-by-frame scanners do not convert sound. For film with sound, we currently offer 2 solutions.

1) We can firstly scan the film frame-by-frame, and then do a second additional projector-based pass to capture the sound, which we then have to sync together. The extra sound pass plus editing to sync the sound together doubles the applicable rates for silent film scanning of that format (on reels of up to 600ft capacity). We offer a discount on sound capture/sync rates for very large reels larger than 600ft capacity.

2) A second option can be that we scan the film & leave the sound unrecorded - not such a bad option as in some cases the audio hasn't weathered the years as well as the film has, being a thin magnetic strip in the case of Super 8 & 16mm with mag sound. We are beginning to sometimes see the sound strip lifting off the film at this point in time. We'd be likely to catch such a problem at the film cleaning/inspection stage, so a decision could be made at that time.

This is also the best approach when you're unsure of the value of the content to you. Once you receive the initial silent conversion you can decide on whether or not you will convert the sound based on the importance of the content to you, and the quality of the content. There's no overall price disadvantage to waiting & getting the sound done at a later stage.

It's also important to note that not all film with a film stripe actually has sound recorded. Sometimes sound film was purchased in error, or because that was all the store had in stock.

Lastly, while we can convert magnetic sound for Super 8, as well as magnetic & optical sound for 16mm, and present them to you in perfect sync, the film needs to be in a physically projectable condition. In cases where the film has shrunken or curled in such a way that the perforations can no longer be aligned with a projector's pull down claw, then we would not be able to play the film on a sound projector. Therefore we cannot convert the sound in such cases.

Such a high quality, perfectly synced audio capture/sync process as we offer is very labour intensive, but we do offer bulk discounts on large reels holding 600ft of film or more.

Extra Preparation Charges: NB: All film must be supplied on reels in order to be converted on our system. In cases where film is supplied without reels (coiled loose, or on cores) there will be some extra costs in labour & for us to supply reels. And occasionally we may encounter film that requires extra preparation, not covered with our regular service. Click here to learn more.

Turnaround Timeframes:

Depending on your quantities, we’re quoting from approx 3 weeks at the moment for a small film conversion project, not including shipping time. Most jobs will be in the 3-6 weeks region, but some big jobs can take longer than that, because all digitising occurs in real time, and there are always jobs in the queue. If you’re in a hurry and need it sooner than these timeframes please let us know, and we may be able to accommodate you. A rush fee may apply.

On the other hand, if you're in no particular hurry, we also offer low priority discounts in some circumstances.


• We ask for a part payment (deposit) at commencement, of 50% of the estimate for your project.

• To keep things fair, for regular timeframe projects your job will go into a queue of work and will be attended in turn. Please note that predicting timeframes is not an exact science. It's simply not possible to precisely allow for unforeseen issues that may occur with obsolete media, either in your job, or in the jobs ahead of yours in the queue. So we aim at estimated turnaround targets. If you have a looming deadline or event, please let us know, and we can discuss options with you.

• Original media is available for collection upon full payment. Unless prior arrangements have been made, we ask for payment to be made within 7 days of invoicing. Storage fees may be levied on jobs not paid for &/or collected within 30 days of invoicing.

• We like to be as flexible as possible. We’re happy to work with you before commencement of the job to come to a mutually acceptable arrangement. But we do ask that if we have not made alternate arrangements with you before commencement, that you will honour our terms.

Interstate? Outside Greater Brisbane?

Free Shipping!

We understand that it isn't always easy - or even possible - to drop in to our centrally located store. So for 2024 RetroMedia is offering Free Shipping to clients outside of the greater Brisbane area! Here's how you can qualify for this great offer!

• Free Trackable Shipping (Return Journey) for purchases over $200!

How it works: If your purchase is over $200, and if you're located outside the greater Brisbane area, we'll pick up the tab for outbound (return journey) trackable postage, Australia-wide. Please quote promo code "FREESHIP24" at the time of ordering to avail of this offer.

We recommend that you use Australia Post Pre-Paid Satchels (or Express Satchels if you prefer) as these are a flat price Australia-wide. If you want to use a box, it will usually be cheaper to place the box inside a pre-paid satchel, especially if you are interstate.

For the purposes of this offer, we define Greater Brisbane area as including Brisbane City & Suburbs, Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Redlands Shire, Logan City & suburbs and Ipswich City & suburbs.

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