3VAULT Warranty Service

Everything you need to know about our exciting new service offering

RetroMedia 3VAULT Digital Warranty

We're excited to announce RetroMedia's newest innovation in the media digitising space - our 3VAULT digital warranty.

Why "3VAULT"?

The name gives a clue to the idea behind the service. We store 3 copies of your RetroMedia digitised media in 3 separate, secure locations for the 6 month period of your warranty.

Why 3?

In the IT industry data is often said not to exist unless it is backed up in at least 3 places.

Why separate?

Off site backups mean lower risk, and so better security. If one location burns down, the others will be ok. We offer one on-site location, and 2 off-site locations for ultimate risk mitigation & security.

Why secure?

We store your memories in hard drives secured in fireproof & foolproof safes, where thieves, fire & water cannot harm them, and hackers can't take them hostage.

Included free of charge with your conversions. We can agree not to keep copies of specific sensitive media by pre-arranged agreement (we'd keep copies only until you alert us that your satisfied with your results, and ask us to delete our copies.)

3VAULT Terms & Conditions

3VAULT Digital Warranty - TERMS & CONDITIONS

For all jobs received on or after Dec 1st, 2022, we offer all our clients a 6 month free subscription to our 3VAULT Digital Warranty service. This forms part of your warranty with us.

Limit of Liability: RetroMedia Pty Ltd is offering industry standard triple-redundancy backups, and secure, multiple location storage, and the 3VAULT backup service will make every effort to care for & protect The Client’s Content from damage or loss. However, the Client expressly understands & agrees that RetroMedia Pty Ltd and 3VAULT cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, damages to, theft or loss of the content they provide, loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or other intangible losses, resulting from, but not limited to, product defects, accident, acts of God or other foreseeable or unforeseen circumstances.

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