Our Other Services

Beyond expertly digitising your family media, RetroMedia also offers a range of other services.

Other RetroMedia Services


Video Editing

We can improve your digitised film or videotapes by editing. We can add things like:
• Titles
• Subtitles
• Background music
• Photos
• End credits
• Colour correction
• Narration
…and remove things like:
• unwanted footage
• gaps in your footage


Photo editing

Your digital scans can be improved by:
• individual colour correction
• digital removal of dust & blemishes
• digital repair to damaged photos

We can also produce awesome digital slideshows from your images.


Audio editing

We can enhance your digital audio files by:
• Hiss/hum reduction
• Clicks/crackles removal
• Equalisation
• Compression
• Splitting into tracks


4. Restoration available

We can physically repair many kinds of damage &/or digitally restore as required .

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