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We Care About Privacy

You can rest assured that everyone on the RetroMedia team deeply respects your right to privacy.

Because Your Privacy Matters

While having an outside company transfer your very personal memories can feel a little invasive, we are committed to respecting your privacy as far as it is possible to do so.

To that end, new staff undergo Australian Federal Police checks, so you can rest assured, with that peace of mind, that your most private memories will remain private. Many of our tech staff are also Blue Card holders.

Our standard transfers of video are not fully monitored (viewed). We monitor the transfers at the start to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly, and then spot check thereafter, but unless you have requested an editing option we will not view your tape all the way through.

We do keep your transferred files on our servers for 6 months as your year's free 3VAULT backup subscription. This allows for your evaluation & Warranty period, and gives you time to check that your are fully satisfied with your transfers and arrange your own backups. We delete all files related to your project after this 6 months has elapsed. This is out of respect for your privacy.

Film Transfers & Slide Scanning by their nature demand that we do view your media. Once again though, your files are deleted once the 6 month free 3VAULT backup subscription has elapsed.

Audio Transfers are not actively monitored. We monitor at the start to evaluate quality, and spot check thereafter. We do most of our editing work visually viewing the audio waveform.

If you have material of a particularly sensitive nature, you can advise us at the time of ordering that you are not comfortable with us holding copies of your media for 6 months. We can then agree to hold these copies only until you've received your transfers, checked them over & you've advised us that you're satisfied with the results. You can remind us at that time that you'd like us to delete our copies, which we will do on the understanding that then we cannot then offer any further warranty.

We will not knowingly accept pornography, though if there's some footage of that nature mixed in among other material we may not see it (because we only spot check), and therefore cannot be held responsible for converting/duplicating this type of material.

RetroMedia will never disseminate or broadcast any of your media, neither by internet or any other method, without your express permission. Neither will we duplicate your material beyond what you have specifically ordered. So, nothing is released, and your media remains your property. The lone exception to this would be our duty to report evidence of child abuse to relevant authorities.

We do, from time to time, come across the occasional bit of footage, image or audio that is not of a particularly personal nature, and could be in the public's interest. And sometimes the weird & wonderful old formats we encounter are just too interesting to keep to ourselves. We may wish to use snippets or clips of these in our promotions on social media. We will always seek your consent to this fair use.

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