The Easiest Way To Digitise Your Home Movies to USB or DVD!

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Who We Are

Over ten years ago we needed to save our own family memories. Our search for a quality solution led to the development of the widest range of digitisation services in Australia.

What Is RetroMedia?

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Simply the best way to digitise your memories.

At RetroMedia we offer professional quality digitising services for home movies, audio and photographic images.

We turn all your old media into future-proof digital formats so they can be easily viewed, shared and enjoyed on almost any modern device.

Before they fade away…

Our Dedicated Team

After all these years RetroMedia is still a family business at heart. We have a great bunch of committed team members, many of whom have been with us for years, and most of us are related in one way or another!

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Each one of us cares about your media and promises to look after it like it was their own. Every piece of media that comes through our doors is thoroughly counted and inspected, carefully cataloged and then professionally converted.


Whether you email us, call us or simply pop in, we will always strive to be friendly and attentive.

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