Extra Film Prep, Vinegar Syndrome policies & more

Rates & processes for issues/options which fall outside the inclusions of our standard service

Extra Film Prep

We charge extra for the extra prep work associated with:

• 9.5mm film supplied on reels with a spindle hole of less than approx 8mm diameter. These need to be either drilled out to the minimum required diameter, or wound onto suitable donor reels that have it.

• any film not supplied on reels (supplied as "pancakes" on a core, or as loose pieces, etc).

• cleaning of mouldy film

• film that plays upside down, or back-the-front because it has been incorrectly wound onto the reel.

$1.65 per minute of labour ($99/hr) to wind on to donor reels, or to physically join films/pieces, or to clean mould. So, for example, 10 minutes of labour would be $16.50. When not on a reel, we join short films/pieces together with leader in between, to minimise the cost of donor reels, which are:

• 3 inch …………………....$10 ea
• 4 & 5 inch ……………… $40 ea
• 7 - 10 inch …….……….. $60 ea
• larger than 10 inch…….. $70 ea

For loose pieces, we will not get the pieces in correct order if the originals are not clearly marked with a running order. After scanning we will digitally split them back into individual clips to match the original pieces, and these clips could be further edited/joined together in a given sequence, at a later stage.

There’s no guarantee when joining film pieces that we’ll get the film the right way up, the right way around, or running in the right direction, so some editing charges may apply to reverse film direction or flip it horizontally or vertically. All digital film editing is charged at $2.75 per minute of editing ($165/hr).

Any reels supplied fully back-the-front or upside down will be be physically corrected & scanned with the proper orientation. $1.65 per minute of labour ($99/hr) applies. But if we find that this type of problem has occurred partway through a reel, as a result of being spliced together incorrectly, then digital editing charges will instead be charged for us to correct this so a useful result is obtained. All digital film editing is charged at $2.75 per minute of editing ($165/hr).

Vinegar Syndrome Policy

NB: Film found to be unrecoverable may fall apart during our sorting/evaluation process (though all care is taken) & we can make no promise that all this film will be returned.

Sorting for quote, associated preparation $1.65/min of labour ($99/hr)

Digitising: We charge a minimum of $16.50 per reel for any digitising attempt of Vinegar Syndrome. It's double the applicable footage rate (for format & resolution) for any Vinegar Syndrome-affected reels we attempt, charged by the actual resulting digitised footage (regardless of opinion of the resultant quality).

Resolution Upgrade Charges

Basic service minimum resolution, we scan at 2K widescreen 16x9 (QWXGA) and deliver as Full High Def 1080p widescreen/pillar-boxed 1920 x 1080 pixels

QWXGA 2K 16x9 scan (2048 x 1152 pixels approx.) …….Add 20%.

QXGA 2K 4x3 scan (2048 x 1536 pixels approx) …..….….Add 33%.

UHD-1 4K 4x3 scan (3840 x 2160 pixels approx) ……..….Add 50%.

(NB: FOR 4X3 scans the end results will be supplied as 16x9 widescreen/pillar-boxed)

Content Discounts on Large Reels

For 8mm, Super8 & 16mm formats we offer further discounts on reels containing 600ft of film or more.
NB: This discount applies to sound capture charges as well.

600-800ft. ……20% off
801-1000ft. ……30% off
1001-2000ft. ……Setup Fee waived plus 33% off
2001ft or more. …..Setup Fee waived plus 40% off

Interstate? Outside Greater Brisbane?

Free Shipping!

We understand that it isn't always easy - or even possible - to drop in to our centrally located store. So for 2024 RetroMedia is offering Free Shipping to clients outside of the greater Brisbane area! Here's how you can qualify for this great offer!

• Free Trackable Shipping (Return Journey) for purchases over $200!

How it works: If your purchase is over $200, and if you're located outside the greater Brisbane area, we'll pick up the tab for outbound (return journey) trackable postage, Australia-wide. Please quote promo code "FREESHIP24" at the time of ordering to avail of this offer.

We recommend that you use Australia Post Pre-Paid Satchels (or Express Satchels if you prefer) as these are a flat price Australia-wide. If you want to use a box, it will usually be cheaper to place the box inside a pre-paid satchel, especially if you are interstate.

For the purposes of this offer, we define Greater Brisbane area as including Brisbane City & Suburbs, Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Redlands Shire, Logan City & suburbs and Ipswich City & suburbs.

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