We Rescue Memories

RetroMedia has helped thousands of Aussie families - as well as schools, clubs, businesses & non-profits - by digitally preserving & restoring their precious media for future generations to enjoy.

Australia's Most Trusted Digitising Service

Rediscover a lifetime of memories, available at your fingertips, with RetroMedia's professional media digitising services. Entrust your valuable media to our Brisbane-based team of in-house experts and we'll return your valuable content to you in a future-proof digital format that is easy to access and ready to share - anytime, anywhere!

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Video Conversion

Video Digitising
Pre-cleaning and
digitising services for:
• Betamax
• Video 8, Hi 8
• Mini-DV
and many more…

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Film Conversion

Film Digitising
Safe, gentle-on-your-film
Full 1080p High Def
digitising services for:
• 8mm
• Super 8
• 9.5mm &
• 16mm film formats

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Audio Conversion

Audio Digitising
Pre-cleaning and digital transfer services for:
• Audio cassettes
• Dictaphone tapes
• Vinyl records
• Reel-to-reel tapes
and many more…

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Image Scanning

Image Digitising
Pre-cleaning and
digitising solutions for:
• prints (photos)
• negatives
• slides
in many and various formats…

Six Great Reasons to Digitise Today!

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1. Obsolete formats can be such hard work

Viewing and sharing old media can be a real hassle. Unlabelled films, tapes, & negatives can be a mystery. Increasingly hard-to-source playback equipment means your memories remain inaccessible.

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2. They're deteriorating

…and faster than you may realise. Physical media has a limited lifespan, and chances are it's already beginning to fade away…

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3. De-clutter your life

Take back your living space! Cupboards & boxes full of old media can be reduced to a single USB drive!

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4. We've made it simple

For most services there's no need to label or organise your media. Just give it all to us and we'll take care of everything for you.

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5. Find buried treasure

Unearth memories you never knew you had. Re-discover long forgotten clips of family & friends. Act today, before it's too late.

Data backup service

6. FREE backup included!

Enjoy the security and peace of mind of a 6 month 3VAULT triple-redundancy backup - included FREE with every job!

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Get Your Media To Us

Gather up your media and drop it over or ship it to us. No need to thoroughly organise it all. Just a basic sort out, and a quick dust off & we can take care of the rest.


We Digitise & Preserve

We'll work our magic to professionally clean and convert your old media to future-proof digital formats.


You Relax & Enjoy

Experience the excitement of watching and sharing your memories anywhere, any time you like!

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